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The Call of the Flame

An Audio Play

Admiral Belius (Chapter 1)
Courant (Chapter 6)
Various Voices

Nearly three decades have passed since the Chieftan of Gods has been slain. And the consequences of the slaying has left the slayer’s daughter Bri a struggling barmaid in a farm country Inn, where a Magnir called Villadius find her. To send her away on a quest across the world to discover the truth of how her father killed a God, and how it can undone, or done again in the war against the Deep God: who empowers an Elvan Sorseer and her army across the ocean. The rightful Queen with ambitions to exceed her Empire’s former glory, rule over the many races, and wipe the memory of Rhuadu from this world.


Starwars: Obiwan and Anakin

 Comic Fan Dub

Open Soldiers
Various Voices

Bridging the gap between "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones." this is the story of the time that Obi-Wan Kenobi's padawan, Anakin Skywalker, almost abandoned the Jedi Order. The voice talent is provided by members of Casting Call Club

twice reborn.PNG

Twice Reborn

Visual Novel


If you crossed a vampire, would you protect humanity or embrace the blood?

In Twice Reborn, Mark Delaware a teaching assistant, becomes a newly-turned vampire in a community forced to hide in plain sight. His mentor, Michelson, has trusted Mark to become the Enforcer: a feared arbiter who keeps the quarreling vampiric houses following the Code. When arson kills key vampires in the community, it's up to Mark to either embrace his blood or to find a way to--somehow--regain his humanity.



A Independent Film

A feature length independent comedy by Karma Creek Pictures in approx. 2006, Pizzamen was shot using unconventional equipment (mostly cameras purchased at Walmart), but was shown at 3 different venues and was available on DVD for a limited time. I was positioned not only behind the camera but was delighted to play the part of Hector, the diminutive pizza delivery driver who had been denied the option of performing his job due to their overly aggressive and corrupt manager.